E1DA PowerDAC v2.1 Headphone Amp PEQ DSP BLE DAC
E1DA PowerDAC v2.1 Headphone Amp PEQ DSP BLE DAC
E1DA PowerDAC v2.1 Headphone Amp PEQ DSP BLE DAC
E1DA PowerDAC v2.1 Headphone Amp PEQ DSP BLE DAC
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E1DA PowerDAC v2.1 Headphone Amp PEQ DSP BLE DAC

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E1DA PowerDAC V2.1 With Balanced (2.5mm) and Unbalanced (3.5mm)

E1DA PowerDAC is a highly efficient DAC device that is changing the face of Hi-res USB DAC devices with high-performance characteristics. PowerDAC series by E1DA always featured a balanced 2.5mm output port but with their latest E1DA PowerDAC V2.1, they have now included a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter to use unbalanced headphones with the device. They have also modified the HPToy application on both iOS/Android platforms with a switch for three different output modes, Balanced, Unbalanced, and Unbalanced boost.

– PowerDAC V2.1 features a new CT7601 Comtrue USB audio Bridge.
– PDV2.1 has a soft-start function to avoid high-inrush, in fact users can use it with any Android phone without Y-Splitter.
– Three output options that can be selected via the HPToy application, Balanced, Unbalanced, Unbalanced Boost.

– Balanced: It is the same as the original PowerDAC V2, balanced 2.5mm TRRS with an output power of up to 600mW/channel.

– Unbalanced: Users can switch this mode on through the HPToy application. In this mode, users can safely use their unbalanced earphones/headphones using E1DA 2.5-3.5mm adapter with the PowerDAC V2.1. Output power in this mode is low as compared to the balanced mode.

– Unbalanced Boost: Users can use their single-ended earphones/headphones in this mode similar to the Unbalanced mode, but this mode offers complete 600mW power as with the balanced mode but with some crossfeed effect.



Materials: sandblasted/anodized aluminum, mirror polished stainless steel with laser marking
Dimensions: 75x45.5x19mm
Weight: 68g
Power: USB 5V power rail no internal battery, 250mA idle current, the device contains up to 5000uF of capacitance and IOS/Android devices can start OTG operation only with Camera Adapter and USB OTG Y-splitter cable respectively

Input: USB PCM up to 24b/192kHz
Output: digitally generated PWM 384kHz + passive LC demodulation balanced output 2.5mm jack 5mm shaft stopper, A&K pinout Output impedance: 1.5Ohm@1000Hz FFT flat top -6dbFS 32Ohm/open load, -.4db drop

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-.2db(+/-.15db typical) 10Hz-30kHz +/-.5db(+/-.3db typical) 2.5Hz-46kHz +/-3db