Concept Kart - 2Pin QDC to MMCX Adapter

Concept Kart
Rs. 1,049.00 Sale price Rs. 1,799.00
  • 2Pin 0.75MM QDC to MMCX adapter conversion pin. The adapters are for both IEMs and headphones. Use these to convert a two-pin cable into an MMCX cable.
  • A total length of 10.22mm makes CIEM to MMCX the world's smallest adapter. World's Smallest & Finest Adapter.
  • The body of the adapter is made of PU by the PU Injection Method, and the connectors are made of 3U-Gold Plated Phosphor Copper. Together with the Mondolf Supreme Solder which connects the joints, brings this adapter a premium sound performance.
  • 5% Silver Soldering with Low Loss of Signal.
  • Accurate CNC Turning with Smooth Surfacing.