CCA CX10 1DD+4BA True Wireless TWS Hybrid In Ear Monitors

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♫♫【1DD+4BA with High-Fidelity SoundThe dynamic unit has a natural broad natural and wide sound field. The balanced armature combination comes with high resolution and transparency. The combination of the dynamic and balanced armature shows the precise positioning of the image, and the texture of the details is highly restored. It is suitable for large-scale symphony, chamber string, and also has a good performance on vocals and pop.

♫♫【Lossless Transmission & Stable ConnectionAAC lossless coding Bluetooth 5.0 transmission, highly compatible with android and IOS devices and experience every detail of music on the spot. The dramatic increase in transmission speed brings an almost zero-latency audio-visual experience.

♫♫【No Sense of Delay in Game ExperienceWhen entering the game, press the touch key 3 times continuously, turn on the high-performance mode immediately. Greatly reduce the delay efficiency of game audio, and enjoy nearly no delay of sound and picture synchronization. You can enjoy no sense delay and more shocking game experience.

♫♫【Smart Touch and Easy to UseAfter the initial connection, as long as you pick up the headset, it will automatically connect to the phone. The left and right headphones are independent of the master and slave. Each headphone can be used independently. With a touch, you can achieve music, call and other functions.

♫♫【4.9g Lightweight & Ergonomic DesignSingle sided earphone weighs only 4.9g, which fits the auricle comfortably and firmly, and has no compression feeling when worn for a long time. We also feature lightweight, noise-isolating silicone earbuds to create a comfortable listening environment and bring you a great listening experience.

♫♫ Product Specifications

Bluetooth version: V5.0

Bluetooth range: 20m

Sensitivity: 91dB

Impedance: 22Ω

Frequency response: 20-40kHz

Charging Bin power: 400mA

Earphone weight: 4.9g (single ear)

Charging Bin weight: 50g

Color: Black