2.4G Wireless 7 Color Backlight Air Mouse Keyboard for Smart Android TV Box Projector Windows

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Looking for a wireless air mouse for a better surfing experience? .A wireless air mouse for laptop comes up with the solutions. Buy 2.4G Wireless 7 Color Backlight Air Mouse This mini wireless keyboard is connected by a stable powerful 2.4GHz RF technology. Compatible with almost all android device for Android TV Box, Mini PC, Windows, HTPC and PCTV.

  • 5 in 1 Super Combo: Air Mouse for Easy navigation + Voice + IR Learning Remote Control + Motion Sensing Game + Backlight.
  • Backlit Function: With backlight function, very easy and convenient to use the keyboard in the dark to control your media player or to play games.
  • Compatible with almost all android device (which have USB input): Android TV Box, Mini PC,Windows, HTPC and PCTV.
  • IR LEARNING: The fly air mouse remote Powe Key can program. Convenience to control all your devices in one, if you have any problem when using the IR learning function, please read the product description and welcome to ask us for help.
  • EASY TO USE: This mini wireless keyboard is connected by a stable powerful 2.4GHz RF technology, just plug USB receiver, the transmission distance can up to 10 meters.


Note 1: This is a universal controller. It is normal that a few keys might not be applicable to your device because of different codes by different manufacturer. Installation of Remote on an Smart Device (TV/Projector/Laptop, etc): Make sure your smart device (TV/ Projector/PC, etc) is powered on. Take out the USB Bluetooth nano receiver from the package. Plug the remote’s USB Bluetooth receiver into the USB port on the TV. Control the mouse cursor on device by moving the mouse in the air. The exact movement of mouse controls the direction of the pointer. You can turn the mouse pointer off by pressing the “Turn off mouse” button. Press again to resume using the gyro function. 2.4G Air Mouse is multi-axes handheld pointing device, working at multi-environment for computer and other smart devices It is plug and play, simple and smooth. It works as a keyboard, and you can use it portable to replace your usb keyboard. Also, can use for work or school or home entertainment system as a remote-control device. It works as a remote, which you can program and learn some important keys from your TV remote. It works as a mouse, which converts your space movement in the air into an accurate displacement on the screen. It is portable and tiny, and you can carry with travel, and use for work or school or home entertainment system as a remote-control device It is designed with some universal function keys, which work for most TV boxes, HTPC. (it is not granted to work for all though because some systems are customized by the vendor) Our air remote mouse built-in microphone which can chat with friends or input words via voice. Please note that the Voice Search Function doesn't works like Alexa Voice Remote, it can’t across app. Only works for the built-in voice input search box or apps.