In 2023, here is a list of the top five wireless gaming mouse

In 2023, here is a list of the top five wireless gaming mouse

Gagan Jajoria

A gaming mouse is one of the most crucial components in any gaming PC. It plays the most important role when you need precise aim and smooth tracking which is a crucial part of most competitive games. Even if you don’t play competitive titles like Counter Strike or Valorant, you don’t want your performance to lack due to lag or latency issues with a regular mouse. A dedicated mouse that is specifically designed for gaming features smooth, lag-free tracking, faster DPI and IPS speeds, and fast acceleration as well. We have curated a list of top-budget gaming mice that will help you be ahead of your competition with greater performance. These will definitely improve your performance and won’t hit your pocket harder. We have arranged the top 5 gaming mouse that you can purchase from us right under a sweet budget price of just 2000 Rupees. So, without wasting any more time, let us begin.

HXSJ-T26 Wireless Gaming Mouse:-

HXSJ - T26 Wireless Gaming Mouse

T26 is a budget wireless gaming mouse with built-in RGB elements. The mouse adopts optical laser technology for precise tracking. It offers precise aiming and quick acceleration with a 2400DPI high-speed optical engine. You won’t need different software for adjusting the DPI or RGB lights on the T26, it is fully adjustable using the physical keys on the mouse. T26 houses seven button configuration including Left Click, Right Click, Forward button, Back button, Dpi Switch, RGB Switch, and Middle button.

Connected via a 2.4GHz wireless connection, the HXSJ-T26 mouse offers smooth operation with a lag-free experience for the users. It is fully compatible with MAC systems as well. T26 is a fantastic mouse that offers great performance at a pocket-friendly price.


Rs 1,249.

HXSJ-J400 Wireless Gaming Mouse With Built-In Cooling Fan:-

HXSJ-J400 Wireless Gaming Mouse With Built-In Cooling Fan

What if we tell you that you can have a wireless gaming mouse with a built-in cooling fan to keep your palms cool and sweat-free??? Well, the HXSJ-J400 brings you just right that. When we game for long hours, we tend to use our mouse for longer hours and that usually generates some sweat in our palms. The J-400 adopts a high-speed silent fan that not only keeps your hands sweat-free but also keeps the Optical Sensor and chipset on the mouse cool. It has an adjustable DPI with a maximum speed of 6400DPI and delivers a fast response time with low latency of just 1 ms. J-400 helps you keep a perfect aim with easy and precise tracking!!

HXSJ has also featured colorful RGB breathing light that creates an immersive gaming experience for the users. This is probably the only mouse in the market to feature a cooling fan!! It also comes at a very interesting price point. It doesn’t require any kind of driver software, you can adjust the DPI on the go with physical keys dedicated to this function on the mouse. J400 is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices!!


Rs 879.

HXSJ-T88 Wireless Gaming Mouse:-

HXSJ-T88 Wireless Gaming Mouse

HXSJ T88 is a brand new wireless gaming mouse with seven buttons and seven colors breathing colorful light. With a 4-level adjustable 4800 DPI optical sensor, it provides fast tracking with a precise aim making it an ideal choice for fps and other competitive gaming titles. T88 features an ergonomic and lightweight design promising a comfortable grip and easy operation. HXSJ T88 supports wireless 2.4Ghz high-speed connectivity delivering smooth, stable, lag-free connection with connected source devices.

HXSJ T88 gaming mouse promises a cool and immersive gaming experience with its built-in RGB breathing light. It’s a very comfortable mouse with a high-performance optical sensor ideal for gaming.


Rs 999.

ZERODATE-X70 Wireless Gaming Mouse:-

ZERODATE-X70 Wireless Gaming Mouse

X70 wireless gaming mouse is a great mouse with a precise high-speed optical sensor. It has 4 adjustable DPI speed switches allowing for quick switching between 800-1200-1600-2400 DPI speeds. With a dedicated DPI switch, adjusting the DPI has never been this easy. ZERODATE X70 gaming mouse houses a 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged easily using a USB connection. X70 also features colorful lighting with beautiful breathing lighting effects. With a comfortable, ergonomic form factor, using the X70 is of great pleasure while gaming. A precise optical sensor allows for precise and accurate aiming, keeping you ahead of the competition in competitive titles. X70 is a great gaming mouse that comes at a very attractive price point!!


Rs 949.

HXSJ-T66 Wireless Gaming Mouse:-

HXSJ-T66 Wireless Gaming Mouse

T-66 is a well-designed ergonomic wireless gaming mouse with a beautiful honeycomb design. It brings you an extreme gaming experience with its high-speed optical sensor, fast polling rate, low latency, and ultra-speed wireless 2.4GHz connectivity. T66 features a 4-level adjustable DPI allowing for swift movement between 800,1600,2400,3600 DPI levels. Its honeycomb design provides good ventilation and improves heat dissipation on the mouse!!

HXSJ-T66 is an ergonomic and lightweight gaming mouse. Its honeycomb design makes it stand out from the crowd with its unique looks and its high-speed optical sensor allows for smooth and precise movement!!


Rs 1,299.

Final Words:-

This completes our list of top-performing wireless gaming mouse that you can currently grab for a pocket-friendly price of under Rs 2000. These are our handpicked options, each and every single model here delivers fast and precise tracking with quality optical sensors and also supports high-speed wireless 2.4GHz connectivity. Apart from these, we have a huge collection of smart home, audio, and other day-to-day gadgets that will make your life easier!! Do check out our website at for our entire catalog. You can also contact us through our website for any questions or queries.