In 2023, here is a list of the top five iPad cases with keyboard

In 2023, here is a list of the top five iPad cases with keyboard

Gagan Jajoria

iPad is arguably one of the best tablets available in the market. The iPadOS brings extraordinary performance with top-tier hardware and quality applications specially optimized for the devices. Although good care should be taken for the iPads with a high-quality case to protect them from scratches and accidental damage. As we all know, Apple devices are quite delicate and need to be taken good care for better longevity. A good quality case will not only protects your iPad but also makes it safe to carry it with you. Cheap quality cases might inflict some unwanted scratches on the devices, that’s why using a good quality case is always recommended. Cases for iPads are now available with built-in keyboards as well. Starting the 2023, we have brought you an amazing collection of premium-quality cases designed especially for Apple iPads. These premium-developed cases have got a solid build that gives you complete protection from falls and other accidental damages. So, let’s begin with our list of Top iPad Cases of 2023!!

TECPHILE-T5209D Wireless Keyboard Case:-

TECHPHILE-T5209D Wireless Keyboard Case

T5209D is a high-quality keyboard case designed for iPad Pro 12.9” 4th and 5th generation models. It includes a built-in multi-gesture supporting trackpad that can be used as a mouse. TECPHILE T5209D keyboard features the most advanced functions that one requires in a premium keyboard case for iPads including 7-color bright backlighting, Apple Pencil holder, multiple angles for comfortable use, etc. It also has an inbuilt rechargeable battery for the keyboard. TECPHILE T5209D is made using high-quality plastic & Leatherette material for a sturdy and lightweight build that gives a protective and safe build.

Compatible Models:

TECPHILE T5209D is compatible with iPad Pro 12.9” 4th Gen and Above.


Rs 4,390.

TECPHILE YM131T Wireless Keyboard Case:-

TECHPHILE YM131T Wireless Keyboard Case

YM131T is a classy Keyboard case designed for Apple iPad Pro models which is available in sweet and pleasant color options. TECPHILE has included a wireless keyboard that features a multi-gesture TouchPad and a 7-Color Backlighting on the YM131T case. It is crafted using super light Plastic and Leatherette material that gives the keyboard a robust build structure. You can carry your iPad in your handbag or backpack safely with this case. YM131T also houses an Apple Pencil Holder that supports 2nd-generation Apple Pencil and also their magnetic charging feature.

Compatible Models:

TECPHILE YM131T is compatible with iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd gen and Above models.


Rs 3,199.

TECPHLE W129TS Wireless Keyboard Case:-

TECHPHLE W129TS Wireless Keyboard Case

Coming to another robust carry case for iPad Pro 12.9” models is the amazing new TECPHILE W129TS. It has a rich black finish and comes with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard included. The keyboard has a multi-gesture supporting trackpad that can be used as a laptop trackpad with your iPad. The keyboard here also features rich RGFB backlighting with pre-loaded effects for your own customization. W129TS looks minimalistic with its design approach yet it provides you with complete functionality with multiple-angle support and an Apple Pencil holder. It’s made using high-quality Plastic & Leatherette material for a solid, lightweight build.

Compatible Models:

TECPHILE W129TS is fully compatible with iPad Pro 12.9” models(3rd Gen and Above).


Rs 3,799.

TECPHILE Q12 Protective Carry Case for iPads:-

TECHPHILE Q12 Protective Carry Case for iPads

TECPHILE Q12 is a solid protective carry case specifically designed for iPads with 10.2” display screens. It has multiple holding angles and supports a magnetic automatic sleep/wake-up function. Multiple viewing angles allow you to use your iPad comfortably for different scenarios including movies and regular net surfing. Q12 is made using lightweight leatherette material and soft TPU material, the Q12 provides a shock-proof case for your beloved iPads. It provides full-body crash and scratch protection to your iPad. It’s one of the most affordable carry cases for Apple iPad.

Compatible Models:

TECPHILE Q12 is compatible with iPad 10.2(2019 7th Generation, 2020 8th Generation), iPad Air(2019 3rd Gen), and iPad Pro 10.5”(2017) models.


Rs 1,799.

TECPHILE J3125-6D Keyboard Case:-

TECHPHILE J3125-6D Keyboard Case

J3125-6D is a versatile keyboard case designed for iPad 10.9” and 11” models. It’s widely compatible with many different models including Air 10.9” 4th Gen, 5th Gen, iPad Pro 11” 1st Gen to 3rd Gen models. J3125-6D comes with a built-in wireless keyboard that features RGB multicolor backlighting, an easy-to-use touchpad, and Type-C charging. TECPHILE has made the J3125-6D using durable plastic and leatherette material, it’s lightweight and sturdy. The case also features a magnetic enclosure for complete damage protection for the iPad!!

Compatible Models:

TECPHILE J3125-6D is compatible with iPad 10.9” models(Air 4th, 5th Gen), and iPad Pro 11”(1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen) models.


Rs 3,490.

This completes our list of top-performing Cases for Apple iPad models. We have carefully handpicked these models for their super solid build, lightweight aesthetics, and shockproof protection for our iPads. We have tried our best to choose the best models across different price brackets, if you have any further questions or queries, you can contact us via the Chat function on our Website.